Tuesday, December 22, 2009

heLLo kiTTy computer keyboard sticker

PhotobucketHi.i haven't Photobucketsleep now.Normally,around this time,i had Photobucket soundly at my comfortable bed.But,not for today.Last 2 days,i was a bit moody,Photobucketunhappy.You know whatPhotobucket!i had a pair of nice PhotobucketPhotobucketparents-in-law but a bad & annoying sister-in-lawPhotobucketmy hubby's younger and only sisterPhotobucketShe likes saying 'words' for me.She was kind of annoying!But,now,i am Photobucket.Happy because my parents-in-law stand at my side.Had scolded her for 'no manners'.PhotobucketHa-haPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSo bad bad me laugh at her.PhotobucketThen,i got a good hubby.Always stand by my side.Console me when i am unhappy.Photobucket,let's start our today's item.

This is my Photobucketcomputer keyboard sticker.

As you know,ordered online too,at 1 of the Korea online store at ebay
Photobucketmy favourite place for PhotobucketPhotobucket
Even the packaging is in pink,my favourite colour.
After i sticked on my sweet cute laptop.


Actually had to modified a bit because the sticker is for computer keyboard,not laptop keyboard.It has glittery material on the Photobucketsticker.Really looks kawaii on laptop.
i gotta have a rest.Just back from trip to suppliers' shop.Looking for Buying new stocks for my boutique.i am overly happy and excited as i got myself few many clothes.i like 'decorate' myself soO much!!Oh,really gotta go. PhotobucketBye!

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