Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old Blossom Box

Finally the little goodies i ordered from Old Blossom Box had arrived.i think i sick.Shopping sickness.i had the shopaholic syndrome.PhotobucketOMG!!

i bought only 2 items.
First,a headband with an extra large pink bow,RM25.
Second,a eat cake ring,RM19.
OMG,so cute both of the items,right??

Actually,this isn't the ring i want.Unfortunately,the one i like sold out.Then,the seller,Jezmine suggest me to take this.She said this also nice de.Ok,i listen her.i wear it immediately.

Pinky headband with an extra large bow.
My PhotobucketfavouritePhotobucket.
i didn't wear it immediately as it can't match with my today's outfit,and also because of my messy hair.i like it so much as if i am wearing this,i will look like my queen,Photobucket.Only 1 thing for sure,if i wear this,sure gets lots of attention.As the bow is big...
i gotta stop here.Spend too much time here.My daughters need me now.Study timePhotobucket...


Kitty Moore said...

Love your page - it's all very cute! Kitty x

s u e ty i said...

Thanks,Kitty Moore...hehe^.^

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