Friday, March 19, 2010

cheap cheap de...

From today's title,you know the following Photobucketgoodies are cheap cheap price.But,Photobucketface not fake..Still look like Photobucket.Lucky me...i found this during my tripPhotobucket to a mini market near my living area.i am not that interested in window-shoppingPhotobucket at mini market or wet marketPhotobucketpasarPhotobucket,but that day,very boring.My hubby wanna buy some potato chips,so,i went along to.

i found this.
Photobucketair freshener.
Not one but three,one big and two in small size.

It also included a pink handphone string so that you can use the small one(of course) as phone charm.As only the small one has the place for you to put the string.The big one i had already put it in my car.Quite nice smell!!The air freshener is in liquid form,even the liquid is in pink colour.

i put the small at my hand to let you know how small is it.Cute,right??

And then,this,Photobucketheadphones.Wow,nowadays,mini market also sell various kind of things.i found this too.Not so kawaii,in my opinion,but i am going to make it more kawaii,by adding blink blink at the headphones.

Last but not least,i found super cheap,Photobucketmemory card reader.RM 9.90 only wor...Sure not original.But,i don't care.i want as my favourite character and in PhotobucketpinkPhotobucket colour too.When i bought it,i didn't think whether it works as the price is damn cheap.If it is spoilt,then just keep it as collectionPhotobucket.But,i really wanna find a memory card reader which is in Photobucketface shape.That will looks cuter.That's for today.i wanna start my work.Uploading picture to bubbles blog.More Photobucketstuff coming soon.Bye!!

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