Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday,Sunday i went back to Kuantan.Damn miss my mummy.& also my daddy.Then,i must go shoppingPhotobucket.Sure thing,babe.Photobuckethehe=P

This is from my Photobucketdaddy to, not me,to my hubby.His birthday on 7th March mah...

A set of wallet & belt.
Very useful the gift.As my hubby's wallet spoilt.How about my present for him??No too for this year.Last few years,i also didn't give him any presents.He said no need give him.Besides,i also don't know what to buy.By the way,i do not have money....(Banyak alasan pulak kalau suruh keluar duit).But,really ar...i don't have money de.Frankly speaking,i can't take money because i will use all if my wallet ever have hundreds or thousands.Very dangerous,so my hubby is the one who will keep the money.i will ask him for money if i wanna buy things.Or use Card but he is the one who paid backPhotobucket.PhotobucketBad bad the wife.Photobucket

Now to the title.My Photobucketmummy helped me bought these.Photobucketfragrance.There are a few colours,i believe.But left this colours,blue,yellow and purple.Actually i knew about this Photobucketfragrance from Otata.1 of my online best friend too.She got bought one which i saw she posted out in her blog.She likes Cinnamoroll so muchie.So,i asked her helped me bought this Photobucketfragrance too.Am waited impatiently for the other colours Photobucketfragrance to safely arrive to my home shop.

i Photobucketlike the small small tiny little things like beads in it.Something looks like crystal baby.
So HK wear sunglassescoolHK wear sunglasses.Each of the colours have different smell.But,i love the purple.Smell like lavender.When the other colours arrive,i will quickly snap piccy to post it here again.Do drop by lor...
(But,i am Photobucketwondering,thisPhotobucket has mouth.)

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