Monday, March 15, 2010

35th Anniversary

i had said i wanna let you see in details the items i bought during my Photobuckethunt-ing trip at KL.One of the items is this~PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketth Anniversary solar joyful toy.Sure i took pink.No need think.Hope not late i just bought now.

Only this sold at Parkson Sg Wang.My next trip,i don't want go Sg. Wang.i want to choose Times Square.i want to buy morePhotobucket stuff but they just sold this.Only thisPhotobucket.

No need to describe.You all confirm see this thing before right??It is solar joyful toy,that means with any light,it will moves operate.i like seeing its head moves to right,then left,then right & then left.At first think of putting this into my car.But,my Photobucketcar is full of Photobucketsolar joyful toys,(there are Photobucket already) so,i bought this to put to my hubby's new Photobucket.He had bought a new Photobucket.7 seater MPV.hehePhotobucketPhotobucket
i am extremely truly madly happy and overly excited today.Reason??Only one.i got a lot Photobucketstuff again & again.Have to wait their turn to be on here,my blog's stage.Photobucket

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