Tuesday, March 23, 2010

heLLo kiTTy daily use

Even though this man called dlovedinna who claimed himself a heLLo kiTTy lover himself(maybe he jealous i had lotsa Photobucket stuff whereas he wants Photobucket but not enough $$ to purchase Photobucket,then complained about the price,who wanna make me sad or annoyed,i will not feel sad because of this.As i have a bunch of loyal customers + lovely friends who support me.And also my sister & my handsome fatty hubby.
My Photobucketparents,of course.Suet Yi,sure win,Photobucketgambateh...Photobucketi won't let his mission accomplishPhotobucket.Let's start with what my hubby brought back for Photobucket.

Photobucket baby milk bottle.Or should i called it Photobucket baby water bottlePhotobucketPhotobucketBecause it is a little bit small if you wanna use it as baby milk bottle.Even the cover has a keychain.

My hubby thought of buying this because he knows i collect all kinds of Photobucket stuff.Especially it is unique & special.

While this is Photobucket transparent liquid dispenser.
i already had 1 but that is not transparent.This is even in pink transparent.Everything in pink looks nice & kawaii.

i haven't think of using this.So,for the time being,i will just keep this as my collections.Tomorrow i will still continue about the Photobucket stuff that my handsome fatty hubby brought back for Photobucket.

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