Saturday, March 6, 2010

checkered apple...

Wow...PhotobucketJust after busy from HK cleaningcleaningPhotobucket my shop's blog.Create a new post title sold out,and put all the sold out items' piccy into the post.That will make my online customers easy to look for goodies which is still available.And also a bit new stuff.Already upload.You can take a peek...

Big head Photobucketplushie with checkered apple top.
Actually there is a story behind this Photobucketplushie.Story on how i owned her.i ordered this from supplier.Can say a lot.But,sometimes,the supplier there really made me sad.No more stock.They just fetch this 1 Photobucketplushie along with other items.Only 1 ok...
My lovely hubby said,"No need sell lah,only 1.You take it back home lah..."That means for me lor...i told you all here slowly,afraid he will got to know.He very weird de.Last last time,he won't allow me buy/take any Photobucketplushies home.Any other kinds of Photobucketstuff except NO Photobucketplushie.Reasons??He said so many plushies at home.No place to put liao.Photobucketmy house is not that big lol...PhotobucketIf i ever have the chance can live in a bungalow,how perfect,,,

i grab the chance to Photobuckettake a pic with Photobucket.And then did some edit to the piccy.She is wearing pink colour specs.Looks like nerd series,right??So cute leh...The red bow on my head also cute hor...?Photobuckethehe..

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