Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stOry continues......

i know now is school holidays,so everybody is online-ing.So,the line is so lag.....Hate that..i can't play facebook game like as usual.But,never mind.Every time i see my Photobucket,i feel happy again.PhotobucketOh my oh my,i had left out my hubby.That's bad of PhotobucketmePhotobucket.PhotobucketOk,story now continues back to my Photobuckethunt-ing.i wanna share all in details here,at myPhotobucket in today too.

Photobucket mini calculator.
i actually already had Photobucket Photobucketcalculators,and this will be the fourth.What i like the most is the Photobucket cute small Photobucketat the calculator.Isn't it cute??Their little head.And even the number buttons are in the shape of Photobuckethead.Therefore i can put this into my tote for outdoor use.1 i put it at my shop,the other at Photobucket while the other for display at Photobucket too..haha~~Very sotz sotz leh...

& this,a pink Photobucketmini fan.
Battery-operated or USB power.
i put this at the side of my laptop.So that,i can use it when i am sitting in front my cutey Photobucketlaptop.

Nothing special.Just a small printed Photobucket and bunny at the bottom part.

i like it because it is all covered in pinkPhotobucket.
Frankly speaking,like this kind of fan,i actually owned Photobucket including this.All as collections.Each one of it has its own cuteness and speciality.
i just bought this fewPhotobucket stuff at my Photobucket hunt-ing trip.And i had bought a cute pink fur ball pen and also a pink spectackle without glasses.That's my shopping result.Bye~~

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