Monday, March 22, 2010

electric toothbrush

School holidays is over.i have a little bit happy feeling as the internet line won't be so 'hang'.TheyPhotobucketi mean the studentsPhotobucket are back to school,so they can't online.Which is a good thing.Haha~Photobucket~

Photobucket electric toothbrushes set.
Included 3 interchangeable toothbrushes and a cup.
Even the packaging is cute with big Photobucket image.

i never use electric toothbrush before.But,i saw this is so cute.Everything withPhotobucket on it,is cute.That is what make me wanna try to use electric toothbrush.Where to get this?At bubbles,my shop.

Tomorrow if i am free,then i will post this out to share with all of you.These are from my hubby.He went to KL,some business trip.And got all PhotobucketthesePhotobucket for me.So sweet....PhotobucketThat enough to make me happy again.
Actually the incident at bubbles blogPhotobucketcboxPhotobucket really make me felt hurtPhotobucket.i mean PhotobucketfeltPhotobuckethurt.That means past tense.It is past.Everything in this world will have good and bad.There will be people praising you,and there will also will be people criticizing you.Therefore,my hubby said we should feel grateful for him who wasted his time and energy to make comment.Thank you!And also thanks so muchie to all my facebook friends & bubbles loyal customers.Photobucket you all who support me & bubbles.


momoe said...

no worries!!
all kitties will support u =D
BTW,i wan all of tat goodies :P
but no money...haha!droping by to cuci mata in tis pink-ish blog

s u e ty i said...

hehe^.^ thanks my dear momoe....muacksss.....~~

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