Friday, March 26, 2010

heLLo kiTTy daily use part III & 1/2

Why called part III & 1/2??Because this is really a lil' things.Can't count even as 1.
Like you all see,this is no wrong,it is a pink ball shape ring.
There is 2 rings actually that my hubby bought back for me.The other is a big pink strawberry which really can say huge.It cover almost 2 of my fingers if i am wearing it.Ehile this one quite cute with its ball shape.With Photobucket words written on it.Which is the reason my hubby said he brought it back for me.

This is the other way i Photobucketsnap piccy of it,so that you can see its shape.So,the story will end today.No more part part lor...Photobuckethaha~.~

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