Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last last last week,i was HK cleaningtidying my make-up table(mostly not for make-up but for putting all my stuff there).i found this~So,i Photobuckettook picture of it to share it here~

Photobucketkeychains in handcuffs shape.

It really works as a handcuffsPhotobucket,like those used by the police officer.It can be opened but no keys.There is a button to push open the lock.i tried before and it can cuffs my daughter's hand.i had no idea when i had such a cute item.Therefore i wanna share it hereHk happy.i had uploaded this piccy at Hello Kitty Junkie.And you know what,my photo(i mean the photo of this Photobuckethandcuffs)had been featured at the main page.Then,i can say,this is a rare items.Photobuckethehe=) There is a friend of mine commented at Hello Kitty Junkie,can you imagine all the police officer using this Photobuckethandcuffs??
Oh maigosh...that's cute,for sure thingPhotobucket.

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