Saturday, March 20, 2010

Decogurumi Plush Doll??

PhotobucketHello,everyone.Today i wanna share with you all about PhotobuckethandphonePhotobucket deco.Actually i had ordered this as soon as it is first released at Strapya World.But,i haven't posted it here because i wanna fully done my Photobucket,then only i let you all see my work.

This is Sanrio PhotobucketDecogurumi Plush Doll for Cell Phone Decoration.

i had considered for quite a few days(2 days only) to buy or not to buy.Then,when thePhotobucket angel took over me and i decided to buy it,i considered again to buy the pastel pink or the dark pink.i asked my hubby for some suggestions,he said took the pastel pink one.

This is the piccy that i had stick it to my LG ice-cream.
Result is the Photobucket not look like a Photobucket anymore.
i like this kind of result.

& also the pastel pink fur.

The back of the Photobucket is the Sanrio Photobucketjewelry cell phone sticker which actually do not have any jewelry on it.i bought this at Strapya too.Then,after i stick it to the back of my cell phone,the side of the sticker was starting to tear apart.So,i think of blink blink it all over the sticker.And i am sure now looks better best.Blink blink.PhotobucketPhotobucket limited edition LG ice-cream cell phonePhotobucket.Photobucket


pwincess AJA said...

wow~!!!so nice~!!!
i want dis too~!!!

s u e ty i said...

hehe~~hello kitty said,thank you ooO...

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