Thursday, March 25, 2010

heLLo kiTTy daily use part III

Part IIIPhotobucketHe-hePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketActually not many i got from his business tripPhotobucketBut,just wanna do it slowlyPhotobucketIf too fast,you all can't digestPhotobucketRight??

Among all thePhotobucket goodies i received,i favour this the mostPhotobucket
This is Photobucketporcelain mugPhotobucket

The back of the mug is written PhotobucketPhotobucket
i had same design like this mug but it is in plastic(is it called plastic?)PhotobucketThat means even you drop it,it won't breakPhotobucketBut,this will breakPhotobucketThen,have to be careful not to drop it to the floorPhotobucketBut,this looks cuterPhotobucketAnd biggerPhotobucketAfter 1 full mug of water,sure feel fullPhotobucket

i even grab an opportunity to Photobucketsnap a piccy with Photobucket porcelain mugPhotobucket
When i am drinking Ribena,which is my favouritePhotobucketPhotobucketThis piccy is taken when i am relaxing at my Photobucket at night,wearing long pyjamaPhotobucketNo focus on my face as looks messy that timePhotobucketBy the way,i am not the point of attentionPhotobucket

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