Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It arrived safely yesterday.From otata.She is such a nice gal.Actually,she helped me bought 2 colours.But,came out my mummy also bought blue for me.So,there is an extra blue now.i felt kinda sad because my favourite colour pink sold out.Photobuckethuhu...PhotobucketBut,feeling getting better as i online purchasedPhotobucket at Strapya World too.WhyPhotobucket on earth all the goodies sold in Strapya World so damn Photobucketcute??PhotobucketCool,Photobucketnice,Photobucketpretty...??

i fall in love with this at the very first sight too,when it published the very first day.Sanrio Photobucket x lovely PhotobucketbunnyPhotobucket plush doll neck pouch.i try to control not to buy it at first,but later when i saw MariaPhotobucketwho created the Ning Network & heLLo kiTTy junkiePhotobucket posted out at facebook this very same pouch,i knew that i really need it too.

Can't you see she(not me) is so darn cute.
i think of myself using thisPhotobucket pouch when i am PhotobuckettravellingPhotobucket.It is not too small.So,i can put my Princess Diary in it.Or use it to keep my Photobuckethandphones.

It comes with a long pink strap that you can wear it.Grr...Such a cute Photobucketpouch,should be the attention of all people around me.i like,i like.i PhotobucketlikePhotobucket attention.Photobuckethaha~~

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glazsliper said...

hye dear.. i ada pencil case n cosmetic bag bunny ni.. nk mcm u py tp xde.. n suddenly sbb xcomplete set i ingt nk let go .. huhu. if interested email i.. jgn ckp kt fb tau hihi

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