Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i wanna make it short for today.Mostly to promote my shop,bubbles's products.The sales for these few items are still ok.i also had took each design for myself.This time not for collections,but i am going to use them.i had always wanted to find a nice,cute & in the designs i like Photobucket towels & face towels.

This is heLLo kiTTy handkerchief.

While this heLLo kiTTy face towel.

The other design,heLLo kiTTy face towel.

And this is heLLo kiTTy bath towel.i like this the most.

The other design for heLLo kiTTy bath towel.
If you all kiTTy lovers out there are interested with these,you can visit my blog shop for a look.

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