Thursday, March 18, 2010

100yen shop

YeayPhotobucket...Temerloh has 100yen shop.But,why i YeayPhotobucketThere's nothing i should feel so excited.As 100yen shop mostly selling kitchenware.Tupperwares or what we called as bento box.And selling some Photobucketgrocery,which is from Japan.So,i had went there with my hubby to have a look.Deep in my heart,i hope to find somePhotobucket stuff,as 100yen shop mah,from Japan right??Then,there should at least has some Photobucketgoodies.

The result is i managed to buy all,not all products there,but all the Photobucketgoodies there.They sell only this 3 Photobucketitems.

The 1st is~Photobucketcandy.

The back of the packet.
Sure don't understand because all in Japanese.

But,i know the Photobucketcandy has 3 flavours,banana,milk & strawberry.i didn't count the quantity,but i keep 3 flavours each to keep as collection.While the other??i keep in my stomach.How delicious kittyliciousPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketThe banana flavour really feel like banana,the milk really like drinking milk while the strawberry,sure taste like strawberry.Yeay....Photobucket

The 2nd is~ Photobuckettissue.
3 small packets in 1 packet.

The 3rd and the last is~ Photobuckettoy.
Have no idea what kind of toy is this....

According to the back of the cover,it says like this~Photobucket.PhotobucketAll in Japanese too...*&#!@#$,don't understand PhotobucketThe hand part is made of something like jelly.So,it can stick to wall but perfectly to glasses.i am not a kid anymore,a mummy of 2,so this will be part of my collections too.Photobucket

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