Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This PhotobucketT-shirt,if you still remember,or you are kittypiggy's friend too,then you sure can recall back.i asked for her help to buy for me this PhotobucketT-shirt.Luckily there is still 1 left for me.

Not so exxy.RM 10 only.

So,i must grab the opportunity to Photobucketsnap the piccy when i am wearing this cute T-shirt yesterday.A bit loose,frankly speaking.But,never mind as i like Photobucket mah.
For the below piccys,all are from my shop,bubbles.Sure i will took extra one for myself.

Photobucketeraser.In lipstick shape with refill too.

Photobucket scissors.Comes a pair.
In blue & pink.
The pink scissors isn't like the normal one.It cuts out zig-zag.
Photobucketstorage box.
This one really cute and looks like a document bag.With handle and Photobucket.
That's for today.ByePhotobucket~~

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