Monday, April 5, 2010

pink fur wallet


Besides buying thePhotobucket manicure set,i grab this too,Photobucketpink fur wallet with Photobucket holder.i like items got pink fur.Even the organizer i am using now is in fur.With a big pink PhotobucketribbonPhotobucket on the front.That was my Valentine's present from my fatty PhotobuckethubbyPhotobucket.

Inside the wallet,there is a compartment for keys.i am not going to put Photobucket.If put,it will makes my wallet even bigger.Asking me what is the pink Photobucket??It is the chain for the zip.A-ha,there,you can put coins in it.

The Photobuckets holder part can be opened and here is where you can put cards,cute lovely piccy,and your money.For sure,i put my lovely sweet family piccy and also my fatty hubby's piccy.Whenever i wanna buy a wallet,Photobucketfirst,i consider,it must be Photobucket.PhotobucketSecond,in pink.If the first two pass,then Photobucketthird will be whether have piccy holder.i like wallet that can put piccy of memories.There is a saying(can't remember who said),the person's photo whom you put in your wallet is the one you care & love the most.erm...hey,i care for my parents too.But no space to put their photo.Put in my heart.PhotobucketHe-he>.<...

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