Thursday, April 22, 2010

kiTTy messengers

Today's story we have to went back to 2009.Last year,i Photobucketwent to China with hubby.i had collected 4 Photobucket messengers distributed by McDonalds China.It actually is 8 in a set.i managed to collect 4 only.As when i went to PhotobucketeatPhotobucket at Mcdonalds on the last day of our trip,we just realised in conjunction with Photobucket 35th,the McDonalds they were releasing Photobucketmessengers.When i was back to Malaysia,i had tried to search the other 4 messengers,and now i found them.They are actually cute small Hk happyplushies with a string which you can put it at your cell phone or keys.

These are the other 4 Hk happywhich i lack of.
Thanks to Eileen.She had a set of 8 and was willing to separate to sell these 4 Hk happymessengers for me.

You see...i had completed set.hehePhotobucket~~
So,to prevent them from dirty & dust,i had use polystyrene to wrap the Hk happyplushies along with its box.

Firstly to introduce these 4 Hk happywhich i bought last year.
From left: I'M SORRY Hk happymessenger,THANK YOU Hk happymessenger,I MISS U Hk happymessenger and I LOVE YOU Hk happymessenger.

While these 4,i bought from Eileen.
From left: LET'S CELEBRATE Hk happymessenger,I'M SLEEPY Hk happymessenger,HAPPY B'DAY Hk happymessenger and the green one,I'M HAPPY Hk happymessenger.

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