Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pink car mats

My lovely friends.How are your todayPhotobucketMePhotobucket'So super duper guper Photobuckethappy today',my facebook status.ReasonPhotobucketi had just received another 4 messengers distributed by McDonalds year 2009 in conjunction with heLLo kiTTy 35th.Therefore,completed 8 in a set.But,i will share with you in details tomorrow.For today's topic,

Photobucket5pcs pink car mats.
Where to get thesePhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket,gotta tell you now.ClickPhotobucket for the link to this car mats.i bought it at Mudah.Just click the kiTTy image.It will bring you straight to the seller.There are actually another colour,black.i didn't take the black because i like pink.And aren't car mats seldom in pinkPhotobucketPhotobucketTherefore,this will looks special and cute in my car.

This is for the front car seats.i posts it here as 1 of my online friends,Mamy Damia request me to upload this piccy.So,i chose to upload at my Photobucket.
These are for the back seats.The middle part is fully in pink.It will get dirty easily.However,i will try my best to take care,to clean it.Yesterday just change the original Kenari car-rims to the white ones with PhotobucketpinkPhotobucket car nuts.So,my car is mostly in Photobucket & white.How sweetPhotobucket ~.n

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