Friday, April 16, 2010

Part 2

Continue from yesterday...

The 2nd item i grab is Photobucket DS Lite decal sticker.
Tell you a secret,actually i haven't own a Nintendo yet.But,i felt like wanna bought it that day.A bit pricey for a decal sticker.But,because of like,nothing can stop me,k??Even my fatty hubby.He didn't say anything,just like usual,commented,"Just grab what u want.If you don't grab it now,later back at home,don't say you regret not taking Photobucketitem's namePhotobucket home."Photobucket

Most like is the Photobucket which is in rubber material.The love too.i can imagine the cuteness when it is stick on my Nintendo.Planning to buy a pink Nintendo DS Lite.i still haven't buy the Photobucket Nintendo pouch.Like Julia once had.i had asked many of my friends to search that for me.Now waiting who will be the first to help me buy it.PhotobucketHopefully i can have it before i bought Nintendo.

Going to the 3rd item,Photobucket letters envelope set with cute pink case.

The love at the middle of the case can be opened and there is stickers included.
Of course Photobucket stickers.

The white colour is the envelope.

The other side of the envelope.Below are the letters.
M not going to use the letters set.Too nice & cute.Nice till i can't even help to drop an ink into it.Will be in my collection display rack.To be continue tomorrow.BubyePhotobucketPhotobucket

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