Saturday, April 10, 2010

compact powder or cell phone??

Halo,lovelyesPhotobucketThis is actually a pre-order itemPhotobucketWhich i ordered last end of FebruaryPhotobucketPre-order means we order first,pay first,then wait for about a monthPhotobucketduration varyPhotobucketonly we get our ordered itemPhotobucketEveryday,i advised myself to be patientPhotobucketTo forget about it,so that i can put more concentration on my worksPhotobucket

This is my new pink Barbie P520 cell phonePhotobucket
Touch screen oOPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketwithout any keypads,buttonsPhotobucket
It comes with the same gadgets that we need like,charger,earphones,USB cable,2 batteries and a stainless steel stylusPhotobucketMost importantly,it comes with a cute pink pouchPhotobucketFits the phone nicelyPhotobucketAt first,i am considering to buy this pink Barbie cell phone or thePhotobucket mimicat 668 flip mobilePhotobucketAt last i chose the first instead of the latterPhotobucketBecause i had seen the Photobucketmimicat cell phone beforePhotobucketThough its appearance looks cute,but the inside of the phone is not that nicePhotobucketBesides,it is printed mimicat inside the phone,not PhotobucketPhotobucketi had a Photobucket cell phone alreadyPhotobucketHence,i bought BarbiePhotobucket

Only two love buttons below.One for answering call while the other ending call.Inside of the cell phone,a mirror is attachedPhotobucketSo,i no need to bring any mirror whenever i go outPhotobucketJust take out my cutey Barbie cell phone,flip it open,and i can Photobucketmirror myselfPhotobucketHa-HaPhotobucketPhotobucket

This piccy can let you know its size.Really smallPhotobucketAnd exactly like a Photobucketcompact powderPhotobucketPhotobucketSuitable for sweet Photobucketgirls like mePhotobucketHehe~~
i wanna continue in exploring my new compact cell phonePhotobucketBye~See you all next timePhotobucket


otata said...

so cute!!!!
Now makes me want to buy new phone too lol
Eventhough I just got one last year

handphones are scary ahahaha

s u e ty i said...

haha~~ya,handphones really scary.i use a handphone not more than a year,then i will buy another.My hubby also scare of me ady.hehe^^

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