Monday, April 12, 2010

kiTTybrick figures

These few days real damn bored.i filled my past free time with reading books,doing D.I.M,tidying my Photobucket collections,but the boredoom still there.Still surrounding me.Recently,a lot of people also post at facebook,they are so boring.Why leh??Why so many people nowadays so boring??Ok lah.Have to stop this boring topic.If not,sure will be more boring.

For today's on stage items,you all in Malaysia sure have seen these before.These are distributed by McDonalds in year 2006.They are called Photobucket kiTTybrick figures.All together are 12 pieces in a set.Different colours each of them.i missed this set as i haven't started as a Photobucket junkie in 2006.Lucky me as one of my online friends,babyvon had an extra set.So,she sell out.Sure,i faster asked her reserve for me.
i like the pink kiTTybrick figure the most.Can't you see,it is so cutePhotobucket??
Somethng share with all of you,my dearies friend.i am so excited and looking forward to tomorrow.As tomorrow i wanna go to the just open Sanrio shop at Isetan Lot 10.As a Photobucket junkie,of course,i have to go to have a look.Snap some piccy Photobucket catch some Photobucketstuff.And maybe have a shopping spree tooPhotobucket.i like shopping.

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