Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Premier tissue box

Yesterday,went to The Store,which is just located opposite my shop.Went there with my sister to buy some Photobucketgroceries.i am using this Photobucketfur tote bag when i went there.Got quite a lot of attention from people around there.

Maybe there think the bag is so cute but is being used by a lady,a married lady.Don't it suitable for kids?Photobucketi don't care,actually.i like cutey stuff.

i got this during my groceries trip.i wanna find the rectangular shape Premier tissue box which is Photobuckettoo,but seemed like they The Store here haven't had the stock yet.Really slow like snail.That's the disadvantages staying in small town.Everything slow.

But,this also Photobucket.Four different designs altogether.Green colour they used as to match their theme.Love the nature.

Go faster to your nearest market to grab yours,Photobucketjunkies out there.If you are really a Photobucket junkie.

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