Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Tuesday just Photobucket to Isetan Lot 10 to have a look at the new Sanrio shop there.i was telling my hubby to drop by there even for a while,as i really wanna have a LOOK only.As my hubby,he knew whatever in my mind.The real me.He said for sure i want to Photobucketshopping there.Therefore,he is prepared.Financially preparedPhotobucket.
Long story make short.When we were in the Sanrio department,i was like,'awe'.What words should i use to describe??It is really wonderful,fantastic.The design is so sweet.Needless to say,the Sanrio products is great.Being there for about half an hourPhotobucketi thinkPhotobucket,i was walking here & there,considering to buy which one,
or not to buy this to buy that.
How i wish i had a machine printing moneyPhotobucket!Then,i can spend money vigorouslyPhotobucket.
After a battle of really think whether to buy,i had decided to buy only 5 Photobucket items.
Even though so little,but i am satisfied and contentedPhotobucket.Fatty hubby,i Photobucket you so muchie.Photobucket Thanks to him who really understand me.

1st item,Photobucket rubberbands or elastic bands.

It comes with a case,which is in Photobucket face shape.The rubberbands are all inPhotobucket face shape too.In different colours.So cute,right??Wondering how it will look like if i am using it to tie my hair.There are 10 pieces in the Photobucket case.2 different sizes.Gotta continue tomorrow for the 2nd,3rd,4th & 5th items lol.i just feeling better from my 1 1/2 days headache.
Sleepig time..Photobucket

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