Saturday, April 17, 2010

Part 3

Continue from yesterday....
Actually i can made it short,share with all of you in just a post,
but i don't want so fast to end this topic.Weird me..

This is tote bag.
There are many kinds and different designs of bags displaying there,but i had chose this.First point,it is cute in its shape.Second point,my hubby said this design looks sweet and like branded.Third point,it is not that exxy.

Really like the Channel,Louis Vuitton or Coach brand which has a tag,gold tag some more with Hello Kitty words on the tag.The other side is a bird cage.That looks sweet,right??Love it so muchie..

Last but not least,earrings.Of course i grab the pink colour one pair.i had wore it,and i am telling you the truth,so cute when i am wearing it.(eceh~ceh,self-praising again). =.='''
Only five items from Isetan Lot 10 Sanrio department,already costs me hundred hundred.i couldn't imagine how much my hubby will spend on the day i am in Japan.If i ever have the chance to be there.Thanks God first if i really have the chance to be there.


nurulfaridah said...

aww..i love the earings!super duper cute.. :))

s u e ty i said...

hehe^^yup,me too,love it so much...Thanks for dropping by my blog..

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