Monday, April 19, 2010


As usual,we Photobucket to Kuantan on Saturday evening,and spent my precious time there with my parentsPhotobucketPhotobucketHowever,for this time,i didn't grab any Photobucket back with me to TemerlohPhotobucketi just bought Cosway Aroma C Spa Shower,which has refill cartridgePhotobucketHere is the link if you are interestedPhotobucketi bought at Kuantan not because Temerloh don't have any Cosway shops,but my
PhotobucketmummyPhotobucket is a member,and she has coupon,which can use to buy the item cheaperPhotobucketEnd up,we are buying two,both of usPhotobucketPhotobucket
Ok,continue our topic about Photobucket.

Photobucket Convenience Store toyPhotobucket

Bought it at Isetan tooPhotobucketBut,at the toys departmentPhotobucketDPhotobucketIPhotobucketY stuff tooPhotobucketIt is actually fun to stick the stickers yourself,fixing all the tiny plastic furniture yourselfPhotobucketComes Photobucketlike the above piccyPhotobucket
My PhotobuckethubbyPhotobucket commented at me that i look like a child playing all thesePhotobucketHe said imagine a mum of 2 playing toys his daughters used to playPhotobucket

This is after i had finished built itPhotobucket

This is the other Photobucket toy,CafeterracePhotobucket

i bought 2 sets onlyPhotobucketActually there is another set,if i am not wrong,it is Photobucketplayground setPhotobucketi knew about this from webPhotobucketHowever,i couldn't find this setPhotobucketMaybe already out of stockPhotobucketHopefully i am able to collect this last setPhotobucketPhotobucket


nurulfaridah said...

it's ok to play that thing..coz every girls love hello kitty ^^

s u e ty i said...

hehe^^ yup...agree..but i am not girl lol...i m lady o.O...

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