Wednesday, April 28, 2010

useful things

~Advertisement Time~
Now you are all entering suet yi + Photobucketprogram.

What is this??Plushie??or pouch??
No.This is Photobucketwaterbottle cooler or warmer bag.
Means if you wanna keep your beverages warm,then you can use it,or to keep it cold too.So kawaii with the Photobucketplushie at the warmer or cooler bag.Besides,it has a long strap.If you are interested,you can get this at bubbles.
super cute gifs super cute gifs

super cute gifssuper cute gifs
This is useful too.It is Photobucket sanitary pads holder.
PhotobucketUsefulPhotobucket leh,for ladies but not gentlemen!Photobucket
But,bubbles do not sell this.It is actually a gift from the same friend who bought me thePhotobucket dining set.Thanks so muchie...
super cute gifssuper cute gifs

It is real convenient.You can put up to 3 sanitary pads in each provided slot.We,ladies actually need this.For hygiene purpose.You know what,it is not hygiene if we just keep the sanitary pad in our bag,without anything to protect it.Even the sanitary pad needs protection too.Protection from germ.

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