Saturday, April 3, 2010

glitter deco seal

i bought this at Living Cabin during my trip to Kuantan last Wednesday.i like going back visit my Photobucketparents.Sure will have a walk at East Coast Mall.Can enjoy the air-conditioned there.Really enjoyable.i went into Living Cabin to have a look at its selling items.As a gift shop owners,i will went into some gift shop to survey their products whether any difference with ours.By doing that,we can improve our shop's service.

i then,realised this,Photobucketglitters deco seal.So,i sure bought it especially it is in a very cheap price,RM5.90.i don't care whether it is in low quality.As the price is ok.

So,when i am back to my shop at Malay Town,near East Coast Mall,nothing to do,very free.i started my D.I.M project.This time,i will stick the Photobucketglitters deco seal to my Samsung Omnia.So,the above piccy is after my project finishPhotobucket.Cute,right??A PhotobucketclapPhotobucket of encouragement for myself.HePhotobucketHe!!If you want glitters deco seal like this for your cell phone or your camera or even your mp3,you can get it at Living Cabin.

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