Saturday, April 24, 2010

McDonalds toys~~

Recently a lot of things happened.Good and bad.Involving or not involving me.But,aren't life suppose to be like that??It actually depends on ourself how we react towards the happening.If we see with an optimistic mind,then we lead a happier life.However,if pessimistic,then sure you will in the state of moody mood.In the end,we still have to continue our life regardless of good or bad things happen.
As for me,i still in my lovely life,collecting Photobucket lovely stuff.Below are distributed by McDonalds Malaysia 2010,Photobucket toys.There are all together 4 Photobucketdifferent toys,Which are released each starting from 1st April-28th April 2010 at all McDonalds outlets in Malaysia.These toys had a switch at the back for you to turn on the light at the 'M' symbol Photobucketrepresent McDPhotobucket.

The pink in Photobucket shape is the 1st to release.Photobucketin Tokyo
while the red in Photobucket face shape is in London.

The 3rd coming is in apple shape,in New York.And last but not least,the toy is in PhotobucketPhotobucketshape.Photobucket travelled to Paris.Many lovers,fans,fanatics or whatever words to describe them,had actually collected these.i am not excluded.Surely in the group too.Yeay...Photobucket them~

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