Friday, April 2, 2010

mini fridge

Last time,i said got something very interesting to share with all of you.If you really are a Photobucketjunkie,then of course this item is enough to catch your attention.My mummy bought this for me.She saw it in a wholesale shop and called me to let me know.She is a real genius.She bought another 2 extra for sale in my shop.

PhotobucketIt is Photobucketmini fridge.Photobucket
Somemore in pink.
Selling price RM 299.90.

Inside of the Photobucketmini fridge.Very simple.
Not very big in size.i think the lower part can fit 4 tins of coke.

It has a handle which you can take it to anywhere.Picnic use is the best.But,need to plug in.

2 ways to use this.You can use the normal electricity way or you can use when you are travelling in a Photobucketcar.Imagine you can drink cold beverages even in a Photobucket.Not only cold,it can also functioning as a warmer.To warm your PhotobucketfoodPhotobucket and beverages.

i had mine.How about you??If you are interested,you can have yours too.Buy it at bubbles.

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