Tuesday, April 27, 2010

dining set

Have you ever meet or knew someone who don't cook,but still wanna own dining setPhotobucketThat's me,Suet Yi.Owner of this Photobucketblog,kPhotobucketi have a wish.My wish is to have a nice white in pink kitchen full of Photobucket kitchenware.Will only use Photobucket bowls,Photobucket plates,Photobucket spoons & Photobucket forks,Photobucket cups and Photobucket etc.Despite i do not know how to cook,but to put it as decoration,how nice and sweet the kitchen will bePhotobucket(acting like i know how to cook).

i actually had a Photobucket dining set already.Anyway,this is a gift from a friend of mine.You know what,that's the benefit you have lotsa friends,and then they know you like Photobucket so muchie,and then whenever they saw any Photobucket stuff,and then for sure,they will think of you,and then needless to say,they will bought it for you.This a set of Photobucket different sizes bowls,a plate,a cup, and a spoon.

Even the cutey spoon hasPhotobucket printing.
That's why it is called Photobucket spoon.

While this is the cup.Very small.Suitable for little kids like my daughters.

This the small bowl.

This the bigger bowl.There is a slight difference between this Photobucket bowls.
The smaller actually has Photobucket printing on the outside of the bowl while the bigger inside.
Hope you are enjoying today's menuPhotobucket.

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