Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yesterday,when i was in the cashier,i mean in my shop counter,a customer,Malay girl came towards me with a cute lil' .She said it is for me.i really in a shock and asked who the sender as i didn't know her.She said like this, "Tak tahu,entah siapaPhotobucket". How come she didn't know the sender.She brought the for me,she surely knewPhotobucket

This sender really knew about my favourite.Secret sender even put aPhotobucket face stick to the love stick & with 'Just for you' writings on it..i like the ribbon on the gift box the most.So pinky & cutey...

When i opened it,it is a mug which has my hubby + me picture on it.There is also my name & my age on the mug...Oh,that reminds how old i am now...i had grown up(must grown up lah,daughters have 2 lol) My sister suddenly told me that she knew the sender senders(as there are 2 of them) from the row of Photobucketimage on the mug. She told me they are my 2 workers,Miza & Lin.They are 2 which had worked with me about a year. How sweet are both of them to give their 'boss bossy' a cute,nicely wrapped present.They said the people who made the mug had late 2 days finish its work,therefore had to give me on the 17th.Anyway,i felt happy and touchedPhotobucketWanna let the tears out...Photobucket

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