Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lazy Lady Awards

(Laughing sound...) Everybody here at Kuantan are busy.My workers (4 of them),my mummy helping too,my hubby & even my 2 lilttle princesses. Guilty surrounding mePhotobucket i am the laziest lady in Malaysia,or even the world?? Photobucket Can get Lazy Lady Award...PhotobucketPhotobucket No..Busy me in front my suweet Photobucket.Blogging,facebooking,friendstering and purchasing online!haha! Luckily,my hubby didn't complain about me.He knew my style even before we got marriedPhotobucket

Guess what is Photobucketthis??

It isHello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETfoldable shopping bag.Now,we are all in era of recycle.Fewer using of plastic bags is encouraged.Something like that...Photobucket So,whenever i go to window-shopping,i will bring along this Hello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETfoldable bag in my Photobucket tote.If got purchase lot lot,then can take it out,let Hello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NET shows her ability. hahaPhotobucketPhotobucket

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