Wednesday, October 28, 2009

heLLo kiTTy 3D PVC mouse pad

So tired todayPhotobucketPhotobucketAiyaya,just do a little bit thing,start complaining muchPhotobucket Half day past,i do not open my Photobucket,now only steal a little bit time to check e-mail.See got any sweeties e-mail me for orders or sending regards to me.And also to update my blog.Everyday updating my blog seem like becoming my full-timePhotobucket work,while the shop is my part-timePhotobucket work...PhotobucketPhotobuckethehePhotobucket

People purchased items at ebay profesionally,i very 'laoya' dePhotobucket When i click for payment for the purchase of Photobucketmeasuring tape & Photobucketkey holder,i accidentally click twice.So, i had asked the seller to change the latter to this,Photobucket 3D PVC mouse pad.For the balance,i ordered again Photobucket measuring tape for Shirley.

Now looks nicer with this Photobucket mouse pad.i heart the most is when i am using the mouse,i can put my hand at Photobuckethand & body which work as my handrest.Comfortable....But,poor Photobucket.It must be hurt for her.Ok,i will not often put on her hand & body.Today our discussion have to stop here,i feel Photobucket.Nite nite & sweet dreams to me......& to all of you too!Photobucket!Photobucket

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