Friday, October 23, 2009

heLLo kiTTy gluey glUe..

i am grateful that i have so many nice friend,sweet friend,kind friend,erm...good friend and helpful friend We should be grateful not only when someone treats us nice,be grateful too even someone treats us badly.Is it weird to say such a thing??But,i am that kind of person,who will cherish and appreciate all i have in my life whether good or bad That's call life...Someone will praise you,but there is also people who will critic you.

This friend is Abby.You see,she really is a creative talented in person.i like her design in printing my details withPhotobucket on a full of colourful love as background.Photobucket is holding multiple top of ice-cream.Wanna keep the cute little note lah..Hey,whoever got note that is so cute also would not throw it away lah..Right

Next time,if wanna buy anythingPhotobucket branded,i sure call her for help. Reason,pleasePhotobucket Because i want a pinkPhotobucket glue,she bought me another purple as a small Photobucketso that i have a set.Now,i think,almost(almost onlylah) to perfection, my collection of Photobucketstationery.i had what i need most.But,if there is new arrival,i will have that too. Besides,she gave me somePhotobucket biscuits.i did not open it so i do not know what the shape or how is it look like i do not want to eat as very wasted..Keep it as part of myPhotobucket collection.i am wondering will it spoil

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