Friday, October 30, 2009

heLLo kiTTy greets U.

PhotobucketSorry for the latenessPhotobucketNormally i will do new post in the afternoon before i snooze.But today,i forgot to bring my back to home,so couldn't upload pic lolPhotobucket

Regards to today's title,this is Photobucket electronic welcoming guests figure.When there is movement past Photobucket, will say, "Ding Dong,Hello Welcome!". If feel very noisy,you can switch off it by pressing its cute lil' tail behind it.That's the on/off button.No need take out battery just to switch it off.

The sensor actually is placed in 1 of her eyes,which when looks clearly,a bit weird.i think this suitable for people who own a shop & would like Photobucket to greet their customers.Think of putting at myPhotobucket small garage so that when someone wanna find me,Photobucket will help me greets them first.No no noPhotobucketBefore Photobucket has the chance to do that,surely it lost.Someone will steal it...

i get another Photobucket mini fan.Luckily,my hubby is someone understandable.If other guys,there 100% will say,"You already had mini fans,why wanna take this??It's the same function.Just a waste of money!".StingyPhotobucket i will describe them. Please don't get offended by my words,guys out therePhotobucket Just splitting out what my opinions towards...erm...the behaviour of guys
Back to our Photobucket mini fan.Interesting part is switching off by pressing its head once.And to switch on,the same.
Tomorrow,maybe won't have new post as i will back to Kuantan.Busy with loads of work because my hubby will be opening a cute lil' push-cart(mini stall) in East Coast Mall,Kuantan.As bubbles little branch.Selling most of the cute & novelty items,especially Photobucket products there too.

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