Thursday, October 22, 2009

young fashion shop miniature series

Many Most of my friends asked me whether i am really that free till can blogging everyday?? Actually,they did not read my blog,as they are really busy with their paperworks,multiple deadlines & etc. But,how they know i blog everyday?? They sms me,asking what am i doing now?? And then,they know... When i am free,REALLY free,but when busy is here with me,REALLY busy(but busy also can steal bone to blog a while).

What i like to do during free time accompany me
i had bought 2 sets,recently just finish 1.Actually,it took me half day to finish a set.Sometimes have to see whether have the mood in doing this D.I.Y thing...The other set,haven't started yet i posted this set first as kim-chan is looking forward for this

When i am starting my project,i will put the tools i need,such as my Photobucketscissors, Photobucketmeasuring tape and UHU glue on the table for my convenience.

....Young Fashion Shop is now openHey,you know(sure don't know if i do not tell),i had a tiny weeny lil' wish.It is to have my own boutique shop.But,under the name bubbles tooNot Young Fashion Shop. My hubby knew about this too.He is preparing now for the boutique,i mean,preparing only.The exact time,we haven't decided yet.But,sure will let you all know.Actually,this gift shop is also a present from my hubby. He knew i like all these cutey stuff,so why not let me owning a cute gift shop where i can get what i want,enjoying cute things surrounding me i am not 'showing off' , i just wanna share my happiness with all of you.i am not that brave to say my happiness will last forever,as this kind of love thing,even though you are married,you can't say that you won't divorce.We can't really decide it.

Last time,i had this bad experience too.Before i met my hubby,i was dating with a guy(my ex).He is really a bad bad guy.From my unfortunate experience,i wanna let you all know that,if anyone hadn't meet your significant one,feeling desperate that ownself is unlucky,there will be a day,he is there for you.


otata said...

wow, D.I.Y!!! Boutique!
This is so lovely!
I enjoy looking and appreciate all these things, if I have million US dollar, I'll start buy those ready made (sincea I dunno how to sew) and collect it in my own room!
I have that dream hehehehe

Wow, I wish you a success and hope you can open a boutique! And I'll be one of your customer! hEHEHE thanks for posting this entry ^_^

s u e ty i said...

haha...thanks for the support!! ya,me too...i also like to collect miniature series.i once see before a little house which is decorated with cute little sofa & furnitures,how cutey!!i also wish that i had million dollar so that can collect all those miniature series...hehe^^

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