Tuesday, October 20, 2009

heLLo kiTTy tall wOoden rack

A few days passed after my birthday.Ok,no more surprise(i think) but hopefully there is still surprises,hehe!! i like getting surprise,actually...The feeling of when there is a surprise really put me up & down..Photobucket Hallween is coming soon.Trick or treat...?

Hallween special visual treat for all of you.Enjoy today's item,Photobucketwooden rack.Total up,i have 7 different Photobucketwooden rack,small,medium and large,in all size.Wanna have a look??Click the picture...

i like this Photobucketwith ribbon,cUtePhotobucket
i put it beside myPhotobucket table so that i can keep all Photobucketstationery in it.It has 3 drawers(can say drawers,right) The drawers have magnetic material which is quite convenient.

*Actually thePhotobucket wooden rack is of no hallween theme,but why suet yi put so many
hallween images & dividers on today post Really weird of sUetYi...

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