Monday, October 26, 2009

heLLo kiTTy inverter desk lamp

Today is Monday.Boring Monday.But for me,today ain't any boredom.My hubby had to fetchPhotobucket daughter to her piano lesson.i went along too,as i wanna find Photobucket desk lamp.Actually,wanna went to Mentakab,TF,but sometimes very lazy oO..As the weather is hotPhotobucketPhotobucket.i can't stand much sunshinePhotobucket,as will get headachePhotobucket That's why i seldom rarely at outdoor.i got information from my part-time worker that TF got sell the Photobucketdesk lamp. Many Photobucketfanatics owned this ages.i also want mine tooPhotobucket

Lucky me,left 1 for me at TF.Sure buy it.Yea yeaPhotobucketPhotobucket at last you got your master mistress owner.i was saying this in my mindPhotobucket

Suppose to call Panasonic Photobucket eye inverter desk lamp.Some info about the lamp.It says just the right brightness for kids(then can i use??) , perfect size for children's desks,safe & stable,wide adjustment range,long-lasting fluorescent lamp,non-flickering(excellent brightness) and the most important, energy saving.Sound like advertisement timePhotobucketPhotobucket

Bonus thing for the buyers.There is a cut out board game calls sugoroku with cut out dice & Photobucketand friends character.Later wanna try play with my daughters lah.Got 4 characters,then we(me+my hubby+my 2 daughters) can play together. Family timePhotobucketPhotobucket

i like Photobucket sitting under the lamp.There is alsoPhotobucket kitty word written on the lamp.When i will use it...? hehe^^

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