Saturday, October 24, 2009

heLLo kiTTy multi-purpose basket

Feeling not sleepy yet,maybe because of too much snoozing in the afternooon!So,decided to post this,
Photobucketmulti-purpose basket.From the picture,something looks like laundry basket.

My hubby bought it for me.Where??Such a long story.To be short,he saw his friend got a catalog,which sell fewPhotobucket items.He ordered this these,2 of the same kind.As there is 1 colour only.Not a surprise,he told me before this..He said bought 2 so that i can put my things in it.The basket quite tall,about 55 cm in length.We plan to use 1 of it as laundry basket,to collect dirty clothesbefore washing in washing-machine.(Our clothes is not that dirty,we are not working as labour.)So,won't get dirty de..If not,i won't allow the Photobucketmulti-purpose basket as laundry basket,k

And for the other,to put all my handbags,tote,sling bags or cute bags,all kinds of bags lah..Wow,i now only realise that i had many lots of ....But,all are cheap cheap de,not branded lol You see,i am really do not know how to tidy up things,even putting the bags into the basket seem like throwing into it...hehe Mostly arePhotobucket bags,i like lateToday is really weird.First i can't sign in to my blog,glazsliper too,the same.Second,normally i sleep at 10.30 something,but today,haven't..i am going to sleepPhotobucket.


Anonymous said...

Can help me buy? he he he plssss

s u e ty i said...

u wan??ok ar...i order,if got stock,then send to u lol..but dun bank in first oO...

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