Sunday, October 25, 2009

heLLo kiTTy nail cLipper

Photobucket Happy weekend,everybodyPhotobucketWhen i got the Photobucketmultipurpose basket which i used it to put all my bags in it,i had the urge to Hello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETHello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NET tidy up my room.Sometimes,really have to do that,i can't be so lazy...even though i had a maid doing the chores once a week.ѕтσρ тнє cяαρPhotobucket LookPhotobucket i found
Hello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETHello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETPhotobucket
Photobucketnail clip clipper which is smaller.i already had 1 which is bigger,the normal size that we used.
PhotobucketHello kitty pixels @ MYSPACELYTS.NETPhotobucketPhotobucket

i am wondering when i had this.Suddenly, i found it in 1 of my totePhotobucket.i had not snapPhotobucket any picture of it.So now,i had 2 Photobucketnail clipper which is different in size & colour.1 in pink,the other in white.The latter will put in my cute Photobucket while the bigger 1 at Photobuckethome.


otata said...

you got a cute nail clippers there XD hehe

Last time, I had once nail clipper with Kukumalu picture on. Now is gone =( boohoo...

s u e ty i said...

oh,that's too sad oO...nvr mind,maybe when u forgot about it,it will appear!! Ganbateh,sweetie!!

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