Thursday, October 29, 2009

heLLo kiTTy

Photobucket in pink school uniform 3D lamp.i had 3 4 Photobucketlamp.This put at my room too.When the other's bulb spoil,then i can use this.As sparePhotobucket.

Really shine when switch on at night.

Photobucket letter set which i bought during my last few days trip to TF,Mentakab.So cheapPhotobucket1 pack 12 sheets for RM 1.90 only.It has 4 different designs in 1 pack.So,calculate...1 design has 3 sheets lol.

My hubby asked me to buy 2 packs.Haven't got the chance to use it.i think i will use it during the time i write letter to my adopt child in Mawlamyine,Myanmar.
So weird,right?How come so short description for today's discussion??Sorry,suet yi does not have the mood to jot down words herePhotobucket Photobucket

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